The IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive family is ideal for handling the backup, save/restore, and archival data storage needs of a wide range of small systems. These systems also offer the capacity, performance and dependability for midrange and network tape storage environments. The IBM 3580 delivers continuous, easy-to-understand drive information with an LCD status display. These tape drives feature LVD Ultra160 SCSI or HVD Ultra SCSI interfaces and can attach to IBM and non-IBM servers and workstations that support these interfaces.

Vibrant buys and sells new and used IBM 3850 Tape Libraries and internal tape drives for the IBM 3580. Please request a quote for pricing and availability. Common 3580 Tape Models:

IBM 3580-001

  • IBM Ultrium

IBM 3580-002

  • IBM Ultrium 2

IBM 3580-003

  • IBM Ultrium 3

IBM 3580-H11

  • The IBM 3680 Model H11 is HVD attach

IBM 3580-H13

  • The IBM 3580 Model H13 is HVD attach


  • The IBM 3580 Model H23 is HVD attach

IBM 3580-H3S

  • The IBM 3580 Model H3S features LTO3-HH Ultrium Tape Drive with Ultrium 3 cartridge capacity up to 400 GB native physical capacity per cartridge (800 GB with 2:1 compression)

IBM 3580-L11

  • The IBM 3580 Model L11 is LVD attach

IBM 3580-L13

  • The IBM 3580 Model L13 is LVD attach

IBM 3580-L23

  • The IBM 3580 Model L23 is LVD attach

IBM 3580-L33

  • The IBM 3580 Model L33 features SCSI Ultra160 attach; 400GB, 200GB and 100GB cartridges and has a 80Mb/second native transfer rate

IBM 3580-L3H

  • The IBM 3580 Model L3H features LVD SCSI Ultra160 attach, up to 800GB compressed/400GB native capacity per cartridge, and an 80MBps sustained data transfer rate

For pricing on new or used IBM 3580 Ultrium tape drives, upgrades or parts, please contact Vibrant sales at or call 888-443-8606 or 952-653-1700.