The IBM 3575 Tape Library Dataserver combines multiple IBM tape subsystems, and can handle two to six drives, expanding data capacity to 6.8TB of memory. The IBM 3575 can attach to the IBM iSeries, AS/400, pSeries, and RS/6000.

Features like a bar code reader, robot with dual-gripper, and support for the 7GB C-XL data cartridge increase performance and flexibility. The dual-gripper picker delivers rapid cartridge exchange times between the library slots and the Magstar MP tape drives.

General Features of the IBM 3575:

  • Multi-path support for single or multi-host attachment for homogeneous or heterogeneous systems
  • Configurable for up to six SCSI control paths
  • Support for up to three logical libraries
  • Support of the Magstar MP Model C tape drive using new C-format or existing B-format cartridges
  • User-configurable bulk I/O slots (0 or 14)
  • Aggregate sustained data rates from 108 GB to 324 GB/hour with maximum compression using C-format tape cartridges and Magstar MP Model C tape drives compression)

IBM 3575-L12 The IBM 3575 Model L12 delivers 840GB of uncompressed data storage with up to four model C tape drives. The IBM 3575-L12 has 120 cartridge slots.

IBM 3575-L18 The IBM 3575 Model L18 features a native data capacity of 1.26TB with Fast Access Linear Tape C-Format XL data cartridges. Compressed capacity (3:1) is 3.78TB. 

IBM 3575-L24 The IBM 3575 Model L24 features a native capacity of 7GB. The IBM 3575-L24 has an external enclosure type and SCSI interface. 

IBM 3575-L32 The IBM 3574 Model L32 features a native data capacity of 2.26TB using Fast Access Linear Tape C-Format XL data cartridges. Compressed data capacity (3:1) is 6.8TB. 

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