Designed to deliver automated, removable media data storage for IBM eServer, pSeries, and RS/6000 servers and workstations, the IBM 7337 Scalable DLT Tape Library incorporates DLT 8000 Tape Drives. It is available as a rack mounted (with optional feature) or floor-standing automated tape storage solution. The IBM 7337 Model 360 features an Ultra2Wise, LVD interface and comes standard with a cartridge handler and bar code reader.

The IBM 7337 Scalable DLT Tape Library can be used for save and restore, program distribution, migration, data interchange, automatic migration of data between disk storage and tape, and mass storage for data archiving. It also features a physically lockable door and front-panel LCD display.

Key Features of the IBM 7337 Model 360:
  • EIA Units: 14 (if rack-mounted)
  • Number Tape Drives: 1-6, by addition of FC 8003
  • Number Cartridge Slots: 30-60, by addition of FC 8009 and/or FC 8012
  • Single Cartridge Capacity: 40 GB (80 GB with compression) with 1,828 ft. DLT tape IV media cartridge (p/n 59H3040)

Library Capacities:

  • 0.6 TB - With 15 cartridges and no compression
  • 1.2 TB - With 30 cartridges and no compression
  • 4.0 TB - With 50 cartridges and FC 8012 configured as 10 Slot I/O Port and 2:1 data compression
  • 4.8 TB - With 60 cartridges and 2:1 compression

For pricing on new or used IBM 7337 tape libraries, upgrades or parts, please contact Vibrant sales at or call 888-443-8606 or 952-653-1700.