The IBM 7205 External DLT Tape Drives are available in three separate models: IBM 7205-311, IBM 7205-440, and IBM 7205-550. The IBM 7205 Model 311 external digital tape drive is an external, stand-alone, SCSI-attached, DLT drive that attaches to IBM RS/6000 workstations and servers. It is available to assist you in addressing demanding data backup, restore and archive application requirements.

When compared to earlier models of the IBM 7025, the IBM 7205 Model 440 boasts an increased tape capacity of up to 40 GB of native storage per cartridge and a greater data transfer rate, up to 6MB/sec uncompressed. And, the IBM 7205 Model 550 external digital linear tape drive offers four times the capacity of the IBM 7205 Model 440. The IBM 7205 550 also offers compatibility with 7205 Model 440 Tape Drives used on IBM eServer pSeries and the IBM RS/6000 servers.

IBM 7205 Model 311 Specifications:
  • Tape Type: DLT
  • Native Capacity: 35GB
  • Interface Type: SCSI
  • Enclosure Type: External
  • Native Data Transfer Rate: 5 MBps/10MBps (compressed)
  • Platform: Unix
  • Operating System: IBM AIX

IBM 7205 Model 440 Specifications:

  • Tape Drive Type: 1/2-inch DLT 8000
  • Capacity (native): 40 GB
  • Capacity (compressed): 80 GB
  • Media: 1/2-inch DLT tape-IV
  • Data transfer rate: 6 MB/sec (native); 12 MB/sec (compressed)
  • SCSI Interface: SCSI-II LVD

IBM 7205 Model 550 Specifications:

  • Capacity per cartridge: 160GB native; 320GB compressed
  • Data transfer rate: 16MB/sec native; 32MB/sec compressed
  • Media:SDLT320
  • Interface: SCSI Ultra2 LVD (68-pin)
  • Color: Blk.
  • Software requirements: IBM AIX 4.3.3, AIX 5L Version 5.1, AIX 5L Version 5.2 or later

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