The Dell PowerEdge T510 offers advanced systems management capabilities, high availability and redundancy features, impressive amounts of internal storage capacity and a cost-effective RAID option. Ideal for the needs of small and midsize businesses or corporate environments, the PowerEdge T510 is engineered with user ease in mind – all external ports, power supplies and LED lights are in the same location as previous generations for a familiar user experience, simple installation and deployment.

Dell PowerEdge t510 Features:


Intel Xeon 5500 and 5600 series; six-core or quad-core


Intel 5500


Up to 128GB (8 DIMM slots) 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB DDR3

Up to 1333MHz

Maximum internal storage

8TB-24.6TB (depends on chassis)


3 PCIe G2 slots + 1 storage slot

Network controller

Dual-Port Broadcom 5716

Dell PowerEdge T510 Extended Description: Dell has successfully filled in the gap in the server lineup with the PowerEdge r510. Fact is many businesses demand plenty of storage, but unfortunately a few of them can afford to invest in state of the art equipment, but the Dell PowerEdge r510 changes all of that.

Measuring in at just 24 inches deep, the chassis of the r510 is much smaller in length than standard rack form factor servers, but is still a great choice for space restricted server rooms.

The front of the Dell PowerEdge r510 can accommodate up to eight hot swap hard drives in 2.5 or 3.5 inch configurations.

Additionally, with Dell’s optional RAID controllers support a mixture of SATA and SAS drives. Although the Dell PowerEdge r510 comes with an appealing price tag, you can get the cost even lower by opting for four bays instead of eight, where the hard drives are directly connected to the SATA interfaces in the motherboard.

The Dell PowerEdge r510 gives you a choice of three remote management options, where the base model is equipped with IPMI 2 BMC. This option provides management via a command line shell and share the first network port, which is from where you can control the power supply and reboot the server.

Next up is the revolutionary iDRAC 6 Express Card, which also shares the first network port and has its own dedicated socket at the rear of the motherboard. With this remote management interface comes Dell’s proprietary Lifecycle controller, which provides an additional 1GB of NVRAM memory that can be used to store software and drivers for immediate access.

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