The IBM P7 8233-E8B Power 750 Express Server is designed for medium to large database servers and consolidation of UNIX®, IBM i and x86 Linux® workloads and virtualized application servers. The Power 750 8233 Model E8Bs are one- to four-socket servers that supports up to 32 cores with excellent energy efficiency and diagnostic features in a 4U (EIA Rack Units) package. This system is also ENERGY STAR-qualified.

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IBM 8233-E8B-24C-3.7GHZ-PVM-STD
Price: $3,995.00
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Item #: 8233-E8B-24C-3.7GHZ-PVM-STD -

24 Core 3.7GHZ (EPA2) PowerVM Standard

IBM 8233-e8b-32gb-2x146
Price: $995.00
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Item #: 8233-e8b-32gb-2x146 -

8233-E8B 6C 3.3 P750, 32gb ram, 2 x 146gb Small config

IBM 8233-E8B-32C-3.3-PVM-STD
Price: $3,450.00
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Item #: 8233-E8B-32C-3.3-PVM-STD -

P750 32 CORE 3.3GHZ PowerVM Standard

IBM 8233-E8B-32C-3.0-PVM-ENT
Price: $2,200.00
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Item #: 8233-E8B-32C-3.0-PVM-ENT -

P750 32-Core 3.0GHZ (4 x 8334) PVM Enterprise

IBM 8233-E8B-32C-3.3-PVM-ENT
Price: $1,695.00
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Item #: 8233-E8B-32C-3.3-PVM-ENT -

P750 32-Core 3.3 (8332) PowerVM Enterprise

IBM 8233-E8B-8C-3.0GHZ-PVM-ENT
Price: $1,750.00
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Item #: 8233-E8B-8C-3.0GHZ-PVM-ENT -

P750 8 Core 3.0GHz (8334) PowerVM Enterprise

Price: $2,995.00
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Item #: 8233-E8B-8C-3.0GHZ-PVMSTD -

P750 8 Core 3.0GHZ (8334) PowerVM Standard

IBM 8233-E8B-8C3.0-NoPVM
Price: $1,000.00
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Item #: 8233-E8B-8C3.0-NoPVM -

8233-E8B P750 8C 3.0GHz (8334)

IBM 8233-E8B-16C-3.2-NO-PVM
Price: $1,495.00
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Item #: 8233-E8B-16C-3.2-NO-PVM -

P750 16 Core 3.2GHZ No PowerVM

IBM 8233-E8B-16C-3.3-PVM-ENT
Price: $1,295.00
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Item #: 8233-E8B-16C-3.3-PVM-ENT -

P750 16 Core 3.3GHz (8332) PowerVm Enterprise

IBM 8233-E8B-24C-3.3-PVM-ENT
Price: $1,695.00
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Item #: 8233-E8B-24C-3.3-PVM-ENT -

P750 24 Core 3.3GHz (8335) PowerVM Enterprise

IBM 8233-E8B-24C-3.3-PVM-STD
Price: $1,995.00
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Item #: 8233-E8B-24C-3.3-PVM-STD -

P750 24 Core 3.3GHz (8335) PowerVM Standard

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8233-E8B IBM pSeries 750 Features
Specifications Description
Processor 4-core 3.7 GHz or 6-core 3.7 GHz or 8-core 3.2 GHz or 8-core 3.6 GHz
Sockets 1 or 4
Level 2 cache 256 KB per core
Level 3 cache 4 MB per core
8 GB to 512 GB of RDIMM DDR3 Active Memory Expansion
SSD Up to 8 SFF drives or Up to 8 SFF SAS drives
Disk Capacity Up to 2.4 TB
PCI Adapter Slots
Two PCI-X 2.0; Three PCI Express 8x
Media Bays
 Slimline for DVD-RAM Half height for tape drive or removable disk

(Note: This system is sometimes mistakenly named the 8238-E8B Server - they are the same thing.) 

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