The HP Proliant DL785 can serve a number of environments, including applications requiring high-performance I/O, decision support and business intelligence, as well as virtualization and consolidation. 

Vibrant buys and sells new and used HP DL785 Server models, features and upgrades and will also buy back your excess HP Proliant DL785 server hardware. Please contact us for more information or pricing.

This is the most expandable addition to the ProLiant line and makes a great choice for the expanding enterprise class database, consolidation and virtualization environments looking to enhance server utilization and lower server and virtualization sprawl.

HP DL785 G5 Features:

  • Processor Family: AMD Opteron 8300 Series
  • 512GB max memory
  • 8 DIMM memory slots
  • 11 I/O expansion slots
  • Supports up to 8 SFF SAS
  • 7U form factor
  • Integrated Lights-Out2 (iLO2)

HP DL785 G6 features:

  • Processor Family: AMD Opteron 8400 Series
  • 512GB max memory
  • 64 DIMM memory slots
  • Max 11 I/O expansion slots
  • Supports up to 8 SFF SAS
  • 7U form factor
  • Integrated Lights-Out2 (iLO2)

HP Proliant DL785 Server Overview

Simply put, the HP DL785 is a massive server, and is extra weight is justified by its onboard eight CPU’s. Furthermore, each processor is connected to a DDR2-6400 RAM and 48 cores of raw processing power. 

The cells are located at the front of the HP DL785 along with other aspects such as the activity/warning lights and two USB ports. The rear of the HP DL785 is relatively simple with two gigabit Ethernet controllers and a serial and VGA port. Also at the rear of the HP DL785 are three high powered 120 mm removable fans, with another three strategically placed inside the machine itself. 

Beside this setup six hot swappable 120 Watt power supplies, three of which are needed in the event of a failure and the other three to power up the HP DL785.

The mainboard of the HP DL785 allows ample room for expansion, and most of the action is seen on the controller cards and daughterboard. Walking into the cabin, the HP DL785 reveals a spacious interior with all components and wiring neatly stacked and tucked away.

The motherboard of the HP DL785 features five PCI-E x 4 slots and three PCI-E x 8 and 16 slots, which everything else setup on the processor memory cells and the daughterboard. The HP DL785 comes is shipped with the SmartStart CD, which allows you to run system diagnostics, hardware and storage array configurations.

The HP DL785 supports a number of operating systems to include Oracle Enterprise Linux, Windows Server 2003, 2008R2, 2008, Sun Solaris and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Vibrant offers complete configurations as well as individual parts and upgrades for this model. For pricing on new or used HP Proliant DL785 servers, upgrades or parts, please contact Vibrant sales at or call 888-443-8606 or 952-653-1700.