The SPARC T3 is a compact blade that has a high degree of scalability, deployment, flexibility and energy efficiency. It is a single-socket server module with up to 16 cores and 128 threads. With built-in PCI Express Generation 2 expansion and integrated 10 GbE networking, the SPARC T3-1B has the power needed to drive computing requirements for web services and middleware applications.

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Sun SPARC T3-1b Features:

Processor: 8-Core or 16-Core
Chassis: 18lbs, 2 fans
Cache: L2 and L3, max-6MB
Memory: 16 DIMM slots
Size: 4GB, 8GB
Max Config: 128GB
USB: 3
Ethernet: 2
PCI: 4 PCI-Express 2.0 slots
RAID: RAID 0, RAID 1, SAS II, PCI-Express 2.0

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