The Sun Sparc 5 is a workstation sold by Sun Microsystems. It is based on the Sun4M architeture, and is enclosed in a pizza-box chassis.

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Sun Sparc 5 Server
Specifications Description
CPU 70, 85, or 110MHz Texas Instruments microSPARC II, or a 170MHz Fujitsu TurboSPARC
Memory 8 DSIMM slots for memory expansion. Slots can be filled individually with either 8Mb or 32Mb modules giving a maximum of 256Mb memory.
Disk Drives 2 internal 80 pins, single ended, fast-narrow SCA SCSI drives, a SCSI CDROM and a floppy. It also supports external SCSI devices.
Network Support On-board AMD Lance ethernet chipset providing 10BaseT networking as standard and 10Base2 and 10Base5 via an AUI transceiver.
AFX 3 SBUS slots
Operating Systems SunOS, Solaris, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, NeXTSTEP

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