With up to 12 UltraSPARC IV+ processors, the shared-memory E4900 server can handle even the heaviest workloads. It comes standard with hardware redundancy, advanced RAS features, and built-in security. Request a quote now on Sun Server Models, or contact us at info@vibrant.com or 888-443-8606 with any questions and price requests.

Sun Fire E4900 Features
Specifications Description
CPU Combine up to twelve 1.95 GHz processors and/or 1.8GHz and/or 1.5 GHz UltraSPARC IV+ and/or 1.35 GHz UltraSPARC IV processors
Memory Up to 192 GB per system
System architecture Superscalar SPARC V9, ECC protected
I/O 16 PCI-X slots (twelve 100 MHz and four 33 MHz)
Boot device Sun StorageTek D240 Media Tray, Sun StorageTek S1 Array, and the Sun StorageTek 3210. Array may be used as boot, data-storage, data-load, data-interchange, and data backup devices
Storage - External compatibility Direct attach to Sun StorageTek tape libraries and disk arrays, including: Sun StorageTek 3000, 6000, and 9000 families, providing excellent linear scalability

For pricing on new or used Sun Fire E4900 servers, upgrades or parts, please contact Vibrant sales at sales@vibrant.com or call 888-443-8606 or 952-653-1700.