The X200 M2 Server is ideal for high-performance computing clusters that run memory-intensive apps or high-scale Web application architectures. Whether you need like-new or used Sun Fire X2200 M2, we have a large inventory and offer same-day shipping.

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Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server
Specifications Description
CPU AMD Opteron Dual-Core Processors: 2222 (3.0 GHz, 95W TDP) 2220 (2.8 GHz, 95W TDP) 2218 (2.6 GHz, 95W TDP) High Efficiency 2218 HE (2.6 GHz, 68W TDP) 2210 (1.8 GHz, 95W TDP) AMD Opteron Quad-Core Processors: 2356 (2.3 GHz, 75W ACP) 2354 (2.2 GHz, 75W ACP) 2347 HE (1.9 GHz, 55W ACP) 2346 HE (1.8 GHz, 55W ACP)
Memory 8 DIMM slots per processor Industry-leading 16 DIMM slots in an entry 1RU system Registered DDR2-667 ECC DIMMs (128 bit plus ECC databus)
Storage Internal disk - Up to two hot-pluggable 3.5" SATA II or SAS disk drives 250 GB, 500 GB, 750 GB or 1 TB 7200 rpm 3.5" SATA II drives supported 146 GB or 300 GB 15K rpm 3.5" SAS drives supported with optional HBA
Interfaces One Serial DB-9 Port (on rear), Two channel SATA II interface, internal access only, Service processor with embedded Lights Out Manager (LOM) standard
Operating environment Solaris OS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Ubuntu LTS, VMware ESX Server [1] and Microsoft Windows Server
Power Supplies Single PSU

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