The Sun Fire V210 server hosts reliability, high-performance and security in one package. With up to two 1GHz UltraSPARC IIIi processors, this server provides network performance at a reasonable price.

The V210 is the industry’s first server with four integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports and the first system to come with a pre-loaded software stack.

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Sun Fire V210 Features
Specifications Description
CPU Supports up to 2 Processor Modules
Memory 4 Memory slots – System Configurations from 512 MB to 4GB
Disk Up to two hot-swap Ultra160 SCSI 36GB or 73GB Disks
Interfaces 2 Serial ports UltraSCSI
4 – 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet
1 – 10 BaseT Ethernet
Expansion Bus One 64 bit 33/66 MHz 3.3V full-length slot
Disk Bus Up to two hot-swap Ultra160 SCSI 36GB or 73GB Disks
Video Options XVR-500 Graphics Card
XVR-100(32MB) Graphics Card
XVR-100(64MB) Graphics Card
Operating System Solaris 8, 9
DVD Internal

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