The Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server can hold up to eight dual-core 2.1 GHz SPARC64 VI processors. The 10RU system is also available in new entry-level configuration. Request a quote now on a used Sun M5000 Server Model, or contact us at or 888-443-8606 with any questions and price requests.

Sun Enterprise M5000 Features
Specifications Description
CPU Up to 8 SPARC64 VI Dual core processors Cache per SPARC64 Level 1: 128 KB D-cache and 128 KB I-cache Level 2: 5 MB on-chip Clock speed: 2.1GHz
Memory Main memory Up to 256 GB per domain / system, up to 8 memory boards with maximum 32GB per board using DDR2 4GB memory DIMMs
System architecture SPARC V9 Architecture, ECC protected
Storage Boot device: Up to 4 internal, 2.5" SAS boot disks External direct, SAN or NAS attach to Sun StorageTek compatible tape libraries and disk arrays, including Sun StorageTek 3X00, 5X00, 6X00, and 9X00 families
Networking Software ONC/NFS, TCP/IP, SunLink Netware
Power AC power 100–240 VAC 1-phase (50/60 Hz), 12 amp per power cord, 2-4 power cords Plug NEMA-L6-20P (U.S.) or IEC 309-IP44 (INTL) IEC 60320 C19 connector. Receptacle type: IEC 60320 C20

For pricing on new or used Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 servers, upgrades or parts, please contact Vibrant sales at or call 888-443-8606 or 952-653-1700.