The Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 server brings mainframe-class RAS to the open systems market, and provides the SPARC/Solaris OS advantages, mainframe-class features, and data center reliability.

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Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 Features
Specifications Description
CPU Up to 16 SPARC64 VI Dual core processors SPARC V9 Architecture, ECC protected Cache per SPARC64 Level 1: 128 KB D-cache and 128 KB I-cache Level 2: 5 - 6 MB on-chip Clock speed: 2.28 - 2.4GHz
Memory Up to 4 CPU memory boards (CMU), Up to 4 processors and up to 128 GB memory per board based on 4GB DIMMs Main memory Up to 512GB per domain / system
Storage Boot device: Up to 16 internal, 2.5" SAS boot disks, 4 per IOU External direct, SAN or NAS attach to Sun StorageTek compatible tape libraries and disk arrays, including Sun StorageTek 3X00, 5X00, 6X00, and 9X00 families
Resource Management Dynamic Domains, Solaris Resource Manager including Solaris Containers
Networking Software ONC/NFS, TCP/IP, SunLink Netware
Cache Cache per SPARC64 Level 1: 128 KB D-cache and 128 KB I-cache

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