The Sun Netra x6270 M3 is powered by the super-fast E5-2600 Intel Xeons and is designed for simple deployment, management and scalability. The Netra X6270 scales to 384 gigabytes (GB) of main memory. The blade’s design also allows it to be upgraded without causing downtime.

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Sun x6270 M3 x86 Features

PROCESSOR: Eight-core, Intel Xeon E5-2600
Number: Two
Cache: L1: 32KB L2: 256KB L3: 20MB
Slots: 24
Size: 8GB and 16GB
Max Capacity: 384 GB
USB Interfaces: 2 rear
Internal Disk: SAS 300GB/600GB, 10,000 RPM
PCI: PCI Express Modules and PCI Network Express Module

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