Intended for edge-of-network, infrastructure, and high performance computer cluster environments, the Dell 1750 server provides terrific performance, high availability and simple manageability and serviceability.

The PowerEdge 1750 can grow as your needs increase since it’s scalable up to 8GB of 266MHz DDR SDRAM and has an internal drive capacity of 438GB. Manage remote servers effortlessly from a centralized location with the Embedded Remote Access option.

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Dell 1750 Server Features:

  • Processor: Dual Intel Xeon (max 3.2GHz) supporting Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Cache: 512KB Level 2 ECC cache (full speed); 1MB and 2MB L3 (selected processors)
  • Chipset: ServerWorks GC LE w/ five peer PC buses
  • I/O Slots: Two slots on separate buses: 2 x 64 bit/133 MBz PCI-X or 1 x 64-bit/133MHz PCI-X and 1 x 64 bit/33MHz PCI
  • Embedded NIC: Dual Gigabit Broadcom NICs
  • Hard Drive Bays” Three 1” hot-plug SCSI
  • Max Internal Storage: 438 GB U320 SCSI

Dell PowerEdge 1750 Product Review

The Dell PowerEdge 1750 is a great example of superb engineering neatly packed into a 1U box. Apart from its comprehensive suite of management tools, unique features and ingenious design, the Dell PowerEdge 1750 scored high in benchmark tests, making it one of the best performing servers in the market.

The Dell PowerEdge 1750 comes with a rather extensive list of features to include the inclusion of two power supplies without using a single PCI slot. Adding to this list, the Dell PowerEdge 1750 brings in seven powerful cooling fans so you can be rest assured that this system hardly whispers.

Although there’s not much you can stuff into a 1U chassis, Dell seems to have packed a whole lot, and neatly at that. The top lid of the chassis of the Dell PowerEdge 1750 opens up like a book to reveal its neat interior, which is easy to clean and service.

The front panel of the Dell PowerEdge 1750 is fitted with an indicator light that is further enhanced by a blue locator light, which makes it easy to pick out a single server from a fully loaded rack.

The PowerEdge 1750 arrives with Dell’s proprietary OpenManage toosl that allow you to create partitions, volumes, virtual disks, both remotely and locally. This manager also allows you to schedule diagnostics tests on the Ethernet and ROM ports, the PCI BUS, RAID controllers and CPU’s.

Additionally, OpenManager monitors DIMM status, voltage status, fan speeds and the temperature inside the Dell PowerEdge 1750.

Vibrant offers complete configurations as well as individual parts and upgrades for this model.

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