The SC1435 Dell PowerEdge is an excellent server for web serving and HPCC environments that demand high performance and redundancy provided at the application level. And, the AMD Dual Dynamic Power Management is designed to increase performance and lower power usage when used with quad-core processors. 

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Dell SC1435 Server Features:
  • Processors: Quad-Core AMD Opteron; Dual-Core AMD Opteron
  • Memory: Up to 32GB (8 DIMM slots): 512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB ECC DDR-2 667MHz SDRAM
  • Graphics: Embedded ATI ES1000 with 16MB of dedicated DDR memory operating at 200 MHz
  • Dimensions: 1U rack-mountable chassis measuring 1.68” H x 16.78” W x 24” D

Dell PowerEdge SC1435 Product Review 

Dell has always been a proud supporter of Intel, and this is quite evident in their extensive lineup of servers. But in the hopes to detour from the traditional route, Dell brings in the sc1435 with a superb AMD engine. 

In terms of business sense, a server vendor offering that exclusively uses one manufacturers server is not appealing than one that offers a chance to choose from a variety of processor brands. The Dell PowerEdge sc1435 is designed for robust web performing and computing tasks, and is fitted with a sturdy 1U chassis as its Xeon pedigree – the Dell PowerEdge 1950. 

The Dell PowerEdge sc1435 showcases good build quality and comes loaded with 3.5in drives inside the chassis that can be had with either SAS or SATA interfaces. Additionally, the Dell PowerEdge sc1435 comes standard with a pair of 73 GB Maxtor SAS drives that are appointed with cold swap carriers and quick release. 

The Dell PowerEdge sc1435 also includes a SAS/5i RAID card, which is a required component to support SAS drives. Moving into the interior of the Dell PowerEdge sc1435, everything is neatly stacked and tucked away. 

The hard drives located at the front of the PowerEdge sc1435 are easily accessible, and the DVD ROM can be easily detached and removed out of the front panel. The motherboard of the Dell PowerEdge sc1435 is appointed with a pair of processor sockets that support 512MB 667MHz SDRAM modules. 

Four dual rotor fans take care of the cooling inside the Dell PowerEdge sc1435, and there is a single fixed 600W supply available. 

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