The Dell PowerEdge 650 server supports the Intel Pentium 4 processor, the first to offer Hyper-Threading Technology. The PE650 also supports a lower-cost option, the Intel Celeron processor. A flexible, general purpose server, the PowerEdge 650 works well in a range of environments, including edge-of-network, network infrastructure and single-function applications like video streaming.

Dell PowerEdge 650 Features:


Single Intel Pentium 4 (up to 3.06GHz) or single Intel Celeron (up to 1.8GHz)

Front side bus

Intel Pentium 4: 533MHz, Intel Celeron: 400MHz

L2 Cache

512KB ECC cache (full speed) for P4; 128KB ECC cache (full speed) for Celeron




Integrated Intel Pro/100+ Dual Port or Intel PRO/1000 XT Gigabit NIC

Hard drive bays

Two 2 x 1” IDE or SCSI




Optional CERC ATA-100 (IDE)

Dell PowerEdge 650 Extended Description: The Dell PowerEdge 650 is backed by a 3.06 GHZ processor, which is Intel’s first with hyper threading technology. Taking performance and flexibility to a whole new level, the Dell PowerEdge 650 is a perfect one processor system that is perfect for all general purpose needs.

This includes a wide variety of uses including video streaming, single function applications and other network structure functions. Additionally, the Dell PowerEdge 650 offers excellent availability options starting with its hardware RAID options which not only play a significant role in driving performance, but also substantial increase uptime.

The Dell PowerEdge 650 is designed to grown and match your network demands and has room for three DIMM slots, and is able to support up to 3GB of SD DDR RAM.

Furthermore, the Dell PowerEdge 650 ships with two hot plug SCSI or IDE hard drives and an integrated NIC. The Dell PowerEdge 650 comes with easy to use management tools such as the OpenManage Assistant, which brings in a host of other utilities.

With simplified manageability, the Dell PowerEdge 650 features a front access keyboard system identification buttons located at the front, and a tool less chassis.

The Dell PowerEdge 650 is one of the most powerful servers of the company’s lineup and comes at a reasonable price, making it an ideal fit for both small and medium sized businesses and even home networks.

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