Vibrant buys and sells new and used Dell PowerEdge R420 Server Models. Please contact us for pricing and availability or click below to request a quote or sell your excess systems to us. With Intel Xeon E5-2400 processors and a high-density design, the Dell PowerEdge r240 supports both consolidated and virtualized environments.

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Dell R420-4bay-16C-128GB-600GBx2
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Item #: R420-4bay-16C-128GB-600GBx2 -

16 core 2.3GHz 128GB 600GB x 2

Dell R420-4bay-16C-192GB-600GBx2
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Item #: R420-4bay-16C-192GB-600GBx2 -

16 core 2.3GHz 192GB 600GB x 2

Dell R420-4bay-12C-32GB-146GBx2
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Item #: R420-4bay-12C-32GB-146GBx2 -

12 core 2.2GHz 32GB 146GB x 2

Dell R420-4bay-16C-64GB-600GBx2
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Item #: R420-4bay-16C-64GB-600GBx2 -

16 core 2.3GHz 64GB 600GB x 2

Dell R420-4bay-6C-16GB-600GBx2
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Item #: R420-4bay-6C-16GB-600GBx2 -

6 core 2.2GHz 16GB 600GB x 2

Dell R420-8bay-12C-32GB-300GBx2
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Item #: R420-8bay-12C-32GB-300GBx2 -

12C 2.2GHz 32GB 300GB x 2

Dell R420-8bay-12C-64GB-300GBx2
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Item #: R420-8bay-12C-64GB-300GBx2 -

12C 2.2GHz 64GB 300GB x 2

Dell R420-8bay-16C-128GB-300GBx2
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Item #: R420-8bay-16C-128GB-300GBx2 -

16C 2.3GHz 128GB 300GB x 2

Dell R420-8bay-16C-192GB-300GBx4
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Item #: R420-8bay-16C-192GB-300GBx4 -

16C 2.3GHz 192GB 300GB x 4

Dell R420-8bay-16C-64GB-300GBx2
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Item #: R420-8bay-16C-64GB-300GBx2 -

16C 2.3GHz 64GB 300GB x 2

Dell R420-8bay-6C-16GB-300GBx2
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Item #: R420-8bay-6C-16GB-300GBx2 -

6C 2.2GHz 16GB 300GB x 2

Dell R420-CTO-4x3.5"-bay
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Item #: R420-CTO-4x3.5"-bay -

CTO Chassis no configuration

The PowerEdge r240 supports up to eight drives, allowing you to customize your storage options according to your requirements. And, flexible I/O bandwidth that features PCIe 3.0-enabled expansion slots gives you the support necessary for memory-intensive and compute-intensive applications and databases.

Dell PowerEdge R420 Features:


Intel Xeon E5-2400


4,6, and 8 core options; 2.5MB per core


Intel C602


Up to 384GB (12 DIMM slots) 2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB DDR3 up to 1600MT/s

Max Internal Storage

Up to 16TB


2 PCIe slots

Network Controller

Embedded Broadcom 5720 Dual Port 1Gb LOM


Platinum efficiency 550W and 350W power supplies
Silver efficiency cabled 550W power supply
Auto-ranging power supplies


1U Rack mount

Dell PowerEdge R420 Extended Description:

With the latest Intel E-5 Xeon processors in the limelight, who would think that there is a low cost alternative? Despite the limitations of the 1U form factor, the Dell PowerEdge r420 is capable of supporting demanding workloads in space restricted environments and is an extremely scalable rack mount server.

Although the list of features of the Dell PowerEdge r420 is rather extensive, the most notable ones include up to 384 GB RAM, dual sockets for E5-2400 Xeon processors, iDRAC remote controller and eight hot swap hard drive bays.

Showcasing the abilities of Intel’s latest processors, the Dell PowerEdge r420 is designed for small businesses running email, web, workroom collaboration, virtualization and file serving applications.

Additionally the PowerEdge r420 is also a great choice for small and large scale enterprises looking for a entry level rack server that boasts plenty of expansion potential. Although the Dell PowerEdge r420 doesn’t come close to its top of the line R620, it does pack a lot of punch for its size and price. The front panel of the Dell PowerEdge r420 houses an optical drive, an LCD panel combined with a control pad and two USB ports.

The LCD panel indicates the server’s status, power consumption, system temperatures and can also be used to configure the remote management network address. The interior of the Dell PowerEdge r420 is neatly arranged and accommodates eight core CPU’s or a pair of a pair of 2.1GHz E5-2450 processors, with total support for speeds of up to an astounding 1600MHZ.

If you’re looking for a server that you can count on in the most demanding network environments, the Dell PowerEdge r420 is the one to explore.

Vibrant offers complete configurations as well as individual parts and upgrades for this model. For pricing on new or used Dell PowerEdge R420 servers, upgrades or parts, please contact Vibrant sales at or call 888-443-8606 or 952-653-1700.