In a rack-optimized 2U form factor, the Dell PowerEdge 3250 supports two Itanium 2 processors and up to 6MB L3 cache and 16GB of registered DDR200/266 SDRAM. The PowerEdge 3250 supports multiple generations of the Itanium processor family, making it simple to achieve platform longevity.

With support for up to eight DIMM slots and three PCI-X I/O slots, the Dell PE3250 is ready to grow as your requirements increase. Boasting performance, scalability and flexibility in a small form factor, the Dell PE3250 is ready to power HPC Cluster environments.

Dell PowerEdge 3250 Features:


Up to 2 Intel Itanium 2 processors


Intel E8870

Front side bus


I/O Channels

5 total



Internal storage

2 x 1” SCSI drives

External storage

PowerVault 2XXS

Embedded SCSI

Dual Channel U320


Optional add-in U320 RAID controller

Power supply

Front loading -2 x 350W non-redundant, 3 x 350W redundant


Rack only

Dell PowerEdge 3250 Extended Description: The Dell PowerEdge 3250 is set in a 2U chassis and delivers excellent performance and power. It is designed to support intensive IT environments and does it quite well with two Itanium 2 processors. This Itanium 2 chip is the latest offering from Intel and addresses architectural challenges and performance scaling.

Adding to its notable characteristics, the Dell PowerEdge 3250 boasts up to 6 MB L3 of cache, 16 GB of DDR2 RAM, 400 MHZ BUS and an Ultra SCSI controller.

The Dell PowerEdge 3250 is compatible with several software and hardware products, which makes it extremely easy to integrate into your existing setup. With up to eight DIMM slots onboard, the Dell PowerEdge 3250 allows you to increase server memory to march your growing needs.

It also offers investment protection as it supports current and future generations of the Itanium processor family. The Dell PowerEdge 3250 is an excellent choice to tackle intense applications for many reasons starting with its ability to handle SCSI hard drives and redundant power supplies.

The Dell PowerEdge 3250 features unmatched remote capabilities to include a baseboard management controller, dedicated PCI slot and a easy to use graphical user interface.

The Dell PowerEdge 3250 provides excellent power and performance at a reasonable price, making it a cost efficient alternative for the most demanding computing environments.

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