The Dell PowerEdge c6220 belongs to Dell’s hyperscale-inspired PowerEdge C server line, which delivers the most computer power in the least amount of space with minimal energy consumption. Servers within the PowerEdge C line are excellent for high performance computing, Web 2.0, data analytics, and cloud building.

In one 2U chassis, the PowerEdge c6220 offers up to four independent, hot-swap, 2-socket server nodes, helping you conserve space and racks and save on energy costs. The c6220 also helps boost computing power, bandwidth and shared HDD resources by allowing you to mix and match workloads on different server nodes.

Dell PowerEdge C6220 Features:


Up to four 2-socket servers, 2, 4, 6, or 8 cores per processor

Intel® Xeon E5-2600 processors, with L3 cache: up to 20MB


16 DIMM slots up to 512GB per node
4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB LV DDR3 RDIMM (1333MT/s)
4GB/8GB/16GB DDR3 RDIMM (1600MT/s 1.5v and 1.35v)


Intel C602

Video Card

Integrated AST2300 with up to 16MB video RAM


Dual hot-plug redundant high-efficiency 1200W/1400W power supplies


2U Rack mount

Dell PowerEdge C6220 Extended Description:

The Dell PowerEdge c6220 squeezes four Xeon E5-2600 servers into a slim chassis, and is an excellent high density alternative to individual blade servers. The C Series lineup of servers are ideal for datacenters or any business looking big or small looking for a compact yet robust server.

The Dell PowerEdge c6220 is specifically designed for cloud hosting providers and comes loaded with hot swappable server nodes and support for dual height nodes that feature two E-expansion PCI slots.

Dell servers are renowned for packing a lot of punch under the hood, and the Dell PowerEdge c6220 doesn’t disappoint. Powered by four Xeon E5-2600 servers and six 3Gb/sec SATA II ports that support stripes, RAID 5 arrays and mirrors, the chassis of the PowerEdge c6220 can accommodate up to 12 swappable hard disks, with three dedicated drive bays assigned to each node.

Additionally, the chassis of the Dell PowerEdge c6220 has hot plug power supplies and also offers 1400 watts to cater to heavier loads. The Dell PowerEdge c6220 is boasts a robust design and construction somewhat same as its pedigree.

The cooling in the PowerEdge c6220 is helped by four fans that are located at the rear of the disk backplane. In terms of options, the Dell PowerEdge c6220 arrives with a simple set of monitoring tools that allow you to view fan speeds, voltages and temperatures through an intuitive web interface. in conclusion, if you’re looking to started with a server or are running basic applications, the Dell PowerEdge c6220 is an excellent buy.

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