With key features like high bandwidth PCI-X slots, dual Gigabit network interface cards, and high-speed DDR memory, the PowerEdge 2650 workstation performs well in an array of front-end and mid-tier server workload applications.

And, the 2650 has beneficial design features that make it easy to deploy, service and manage remotely, like a cable-less mother board that delivers better airflow for enhanced temperature control and easier serviceability.

Dell 2650 Server Features:

  • Processors: Max two Intel Xeon processors at 2.0GHz, 2.4GHz, 2.8GHz, 3.06GHz and 3.2GHz with hyper-threading support
  • Chipset: ServerWorks GC-LE
  • Memory: 256MB-12GB PC266 ECC DDR SDRAM
  • I/O Channels: Seven Total
  • Max Internal Storage: 730GB (5x146GB)
  • Form Factor: 2U rack height

Dell PowerEdge 2650 Product Review

Straight out of the box, the Dell PowerEdge 2650 gives the impression that this server is meticulously engineered. Unlike many other rack mount form factor servers, the PowerEdge 2650 arrives with a mouse and a keyboard, and that’s just a start to its extensive list of features.

This newest rack mount server combines Dell’s notable management tools and the power of Dual processors into a slim and elegant chassis.

The Dell PowerEdge 2650 rivals its competitors for many reasons starting with its hot swappable hard drives, Xenon processor, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and redundant power supplies and fans.

The boost in performance in the 2650 is made possible with support for faster DDR SDRAM and Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology, dual 2,4GHZ processor and a more robust chipset. Hyper Threading technology allows a CPU to create a delusion of two processors to certain software application and the operating system, which allows it to execute two programs rather than one simultaneously.

The Dell PowerEdge 2650 can accommodate up to five one inch drives, with an onboard SCSI RAID Ultra3 controller to total an astounding 365 GB of storage.

The Dell PowerEdge 2650 is appointed with three 64-bit PCI-X slots 9 one 133 MHz and two 100 MHz), a 400 MHz front-side bus and two 2.4 GHz processors.

Server performance of the 2650 is simply unmatched and is extremely reliable and easy to use. The PowerEdge 2650 supports Red Hat Linux, Novell NetWare, Windows 2000 Server and Windows NT.

Vibrant offers complete configurations as well as individual parts and upgrades for this model.

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