The Dell PowerEdge c6100 belongs to Dell's hyperscale-inspired PowerEdge C server line, which delivers the most computer power in the least amount of space with minimal energy consumption. Servers within the PowerEdge C line are excellent for high performance computing, Web 2.0, data analytics, and cloud building.

The PowerEdge c6100 features four independent nodes with dual Intel Xeon 5500/5600 series quad- and hex-core processors, as well as high-efficiency fans and power supplies that are shared across nodes to conserve space and weight.

Dell PowerEdge c6100 Features:

Chassis 2U Rack mount
Processors Up to four 2-socket servers, 4 or 6 cores per processor; Intel Xeon 5500/5600 processor series, with L2/L3 cache, 4MB/8MB/12MB
Front Side Bus Intel QuickPath Interconnect
Memory 2GB/4GB/8GB DDR3 (1333 MHz), 12 DIMM slots for max 192GB 4GB/8GB/16GB low-volt DDR3
Chipset Intel 5520
Video Integrated AST2050 with 64MB RAM
Primary Storage Maximum internal storage: 24TB SATA or NL 36TB SAS
Ports (USB) 2 USB ports external
I/O Slots 1 PCIe x 8 mezzanine daughtercard slot and x 16 riser slot
RAID Controller LSI 2008 6Gb SAS mezzanine
Power Supplies Dual hot-plug redundant high-efficiency 470W/750W/1100W/1400W power supplies

Dell PowerEdge C6100 Extended Description: Apart from being Dell's best seller cloud system, the PowerEdge c6100 is reasonably priced and comes with a powerful set of features. The c60o belongs to a family of seven severs, and is aimed at businesses running cloud applications, where space, maintenance power and cooling are top priorities.

The Dell PowerEdge c6100 gets things started with an astounding high rack density provided by four server nodes built into a small yet elegant chassis. The front of the PowerEdge c6100 may appear as a conventional storage medium but surprisingly it can accommodate twelve 3.5 inch hot swap hard disk bays.

If you need more drives, you can always opt for the version with 24 2.5in disk bays, which is equivalent to six drives per server.

The rack brackets on each side of the c6100 chassis are embedded with a single warning light and power buttons. At the back, the Dell PowerEdge c6100c boasts hot swappable nodes, giving you the leverage to remove one while the others are still functioning.

In terms of power, the c6100 can be had with either Intel Xeon 5500 or 5600 processors, with a memory capacity of 96GB. If you're looking for RAID functionality, the Dell PowerEdge c6100 can be had with the optional LSI 6Gbit/s SAS mezzanine card or a Mega RAID SAS PCI-E card.

The system also offers a plethora of power options to include 470W, 750W and 1400 Watts. If you're looking for system that won't back down no matter what you put it through, the PowerEdge c6100 is a phenomenal choice.

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