When high performance and availability are crucial to your organization, the Dell 6650 workstation may be a great choice for your organization. In a 4U form factor, the 6650 has been designed to meet the expanding needs of demanding server environments. And with a distinctive modular chassis created to provide strong reliability and serviceability, the 6650 is ready to simplify your environment.

The PowerEdge 6650 also includes hot-plug redundant power supplies, SCSI hard drives, fans and PCI slots so components can be replaced without having to power the server down.

Dell 6650 Server Features:

  • Form Factor: 4U rack-mount
  • Processors: Up to four Intel Xeon processors MP’s at 2.0 GHz/1MB; 2.2GHz/2MB, 2.7GHz/2MB and 3.0GHz/4MB
  • Cache: 512K L2 and up to 4 MB L3
  • Chipset: ServerWorks GC-HE
  • Memory: 32GB DDR266 ECC SDRAM; four-way memory interleaving
  • Drive Controller: Embedded single channel Ultra3 (U160) SCSI
  • External Storage: SCSI and fibre channel storage systems

Dell PowerEdge 6650 Product Review

The Dell PowerEdge 6650 is built into a 4U chassis and is the company’s offering to tackle large applications and databases. Ideal for businesses that require a high horsepower server for functions such as storage networks, mail, back end databases or storage networks, the Dell PowerEdge 6650 is a great at an excellent price.

With room for up to four MP Xeon 1.6 GHZ processors and 16 GB of SD DDR RAM, the Dell PowerEdge 6650 can accommodate up to five swappable SCSI drives and has eight PCI-X slots and two Gigabit Ethernet NIC’s. The Dell PowerEdge 6650 is designed with the administrator in mind rather than putting the manufacturing aspect at top priority.

Easy to mount on a rack and with most components being hot swappable, the Dell PowerEdge 6650 is fitted with a metal front panel that is embedded with a LCD panel, which indicates the overall status of the system to include temperature, usage, etc.

The Dell PowerEdge 6650 is cooled with the help of six fans that are neatly paced at the back panel, and can be easily accessed for maintenance by simply sliding the panel into service position. Pulling this panel into position also allows access to the microprocessor tray and the memory banks.

The back panel of the Dell PowerEdge 6650 is also fitted with led lights, which hot pluggable devices are powered on or off. The Dell PowerEdge 6650 comes with a 64 BIT RAID controller that features 128 MB of RAM cache and a backup battery.

Vibrant offers complete configurations as well as individual parts and upgrades for this model. For pricing on new or used Dell PowerEdge 6650 servers, upgrades or parts, please contact Vibrant sales at sales@vibrant.com or call 888-443-8606 or 952-653-1700.